Dental whitening

Teeth whitening aims to improve the aesthetic effect and removing stains from teeth. In our Center DentystaKliny, you can choose a modern and effective whitening under the supervision of experienced dentists. We recommend you a few ways to whiten your teeth:

Beyond lamp - where the bleaching effects are already visible on the first visit. This method comprises applying to the teeth a special gel and then it is activated by blue light from the lamp. The whole procedure takes about 45 minutes but the end result will assess dentist.

Overlay method - a cap on the teeth which are made in the dental laboratory. The overlay patient requires the whitening gel and placed in the oral cavity, preferably during the night from 4 to 8 hours.

Bleaching PREVDENT - a system for whitening teeth and repair enamel for use in a dental office that contains the active substance hydrogen peroxide bleaching connected to the nano-hydroxyapatite. Such whitening is the fastest way to get whiter and brighter smile by several shades.